Avima Rudavsky Darnov

“Wrapped in light as with a robe. You spread out the heavens like a curtain.”

I consider myself an experienced tallit wearer, having wrapped myself in a variety of tallitot both as a Cantor and as a private worshipper for over twenty years. I was “turned on” to weaving in high school and later studied textiles briefly at the Philadelphia College of Art. However, I decided to pursue a career in the Cantorate and became one of the pioneer women to be invested as a Cantor at The Jewish Theological Seminary. Weaving took a backseat to my Cantorial career while raising two sons with my husband, Rabbi Allen Darnov.

In 2007, as I celebrated the 18th anniversary of my investiture, I decided to leave behind the full time Cantorate and pursue the “road not taken.” I am very excited to step away from the pulpit and take my seat at my 60″ loom. I find great spirituality in the act of creating the unique “cloak of prayer” that will inspire others as they pray. For 18 years I inspired worshippers with melody and song; now I focus on inspiring prayer through color and fiber.


Why the name “The Tallit Corner”?

This name reminds us that as beautiful as a tallit might be and as protected we may feel wrapped within it, a tallit’s significance hangs from the corners: the tzitzit. We are commanded to wear the tzitzit as a visual reminder of the mitzvot. These are the threads that connect every moment of our lives to our Creator.

The Tallit Corner, is dedicated to my mother, Chana Rudavsky who inspired me to make things wih my own hands.

I Look Forward To The Opportunity To Clothe You For Your Spiritual Journey.