“May my soul praise God, Adonai, my God, you become increasingly great, You are clothed in glory and splendor , you are wrapped in light like one is wrapped in a garment, you spread out the heavens like a curtain.” Psalm 104:1-2


  • Merino wool: Soft and comfortable!
  • Silk: Shiny and silky smooth.
  • Zephyr: A wool and silk blend.
  • Cotton: Cool, light and economical.
  • Tencel: A soft, shimmery and economical
  • alternative to silk.
  • Bambu: A new, yet natural fiber produced
  • from Bamboo plants. No pesticides or
  • chemicals, 100% antimicrobial. Soft as
  • silk!!


Choose your favorite colors from color sample cards or from internet sites to which I can refer you. You might even consider a “white on white.”


  • Any width up to 60″ and any length:
  • Typical sizes: 18″-24″ width or 45″-60″ wide, by 80″ length.


Choose between coordinating atarot or a machine-embroidered atarah with the Tallit b’rachah or customized with your Hebrew name or a favorite quotation.

Each tallit comes with a choice of a beautiful crocheted, knitted or woven kippah as well as a woven bag.