Blue and White Beauty

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This tallit can be executed in zephyr (wool/silk blend) or other yarns. I first made it for myself to wear at my son’s bar mitzvah, at the time of Israel Independence Day.  The  white stripes on blue is a reversal of the traditional “blue on white” design of a traditional tallit.  The stripe “area” is  woven in a freestyle rather than a planned and symmetrical pattern. The   mix of white yarns include a rayon, railroad ribbon which gives adds a bit of a “sheen” to the solid white stripes.   This is definitely one of my favorite designs!!



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1 review for Blue and White Beauty

  1. tzitzit613

    This Tallit is AWESOME – one of the best I’ve ever seen. I pray HaShem blesses The Tallit Corner with increasing success because there just aren’t very many sources for custom Tallitot in America!

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